Andhra Pradesh TDP Councilor’s In Ugly Fight during Municipality Meeting

Andhra Pradesh TDP Councilor’s In Ugly Fight: Here Telugu Desam Party (TDP) councilors were caught on camera engaging in a brawl during a municipality meeting in Guntur Tenali Andhra Pradesh. The councilor Gummadi Ramesh 3rd ward councilor and the candidate Pasupulati Trimurtulu of the 12th ward councilor hurled blows at each other in full view of other elected representatives of the council in Tenali. The fight started after a heated argument over the procedures to write the minutes the meeting was held to elect the panels in Guntur.

Mr Ramesh said that every issue which was debated in the council should be written in the minute’s book to make things transparent while Mr Trimurtulu felt that every trivial issue need not be written in the book exactly there were fight begun.

Mr Ramesh even tore the shirt of Mr Trimurtulu in the council hall you can see in video from below link. TDP president and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, N. Chandrababu Naidu has taken note of the incident and is taking this matter very seriously particular district minister may ask the answer from them regarding this issue.

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