Chattisgarh 25 Year Old Woman Gives Birth To Quintuplets

The rare occasion of childbirth, A lady gives Birth to Quintuplets in Chattisgarh state, a 25-year-old woman from Chattisgarh, she had given birth to 5 babies in a rare instance of childbirth history. And these babies are the most premature quintuplets born in India till now and currently the babies are reserved in the Neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU), because the babies were born with less weight and mass.

Chattisgarh hospital doctors reported except less weight the babies are very healthy, the detailed information about this rare incident can check from below provided data.


As from the sources, Chattisgarh babies’ mother named as Manita Kumari who was 25 and her husband Mahesh who were hailing from Lakhanpur Block was admitted in Hospital on March 31st, 2016. And babies were born on April 2nd by a normal delivery and the couple was very delighted as they were blessed with five children.

Children mother Manita had lost her first baby after three months of her birth in 2014 year. These quintuplets are delivered normally at morning 10 AM and the organs of the quintuplets are very well developed and their health condition is steady, Situation is the babies were born with very less weight of 1.5 kgs only.

Here quintuplets were delivered only after seven months in the womb and so they were pre mature and this led the quintuplets born with the low weight of birth.

Clinic staff had kept the babies in NICU to prevent infections to the babies and keeping them in NICU is the only way to increase their survival rate for long period.

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