New documents reveal intense battle over CDC Zika tests: Science

New documents reveal intense battle over CDC Zika tests: Science

Science News: A Prolonged battle between a “Zika” and expert at the US Centers for “Disease Control and Prevention” and his superiors over tests for the virus came to light yesterday again.

Fracas centers on allegations by Disease Control and Prevention Robert Lanciotti chief of the Diagnostics and Reference Laboratory Activity for mosquito spread viruses in Fort Collins Colorado. Robert alleges that the agency’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) reduced his research in April 2016 and created a public health threat by relying on a less dependable human test for the Zika virus, which is trending now.


A first reported by the Carolyn Lerner who heads the US Office of Special Counsel wrote President Barack Obama a detailed letter yesterday about the claims. Carolyn Lerner also released few reports, which including an investigation conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services. Robert Lerner became involved after Robert Lanciotti was demoted for his actions in May and filed a whistleblower suit. Lerner office secured an agreement with CDC to return him as head of his lab into the particular department.

People who infected with “Zika virus”, it’s viral levels in the blood remain relatively low, making the virus difficult to detect, he alleged that a virus Zika test made by his lab called “Singleplex” was more sensitive than another teste device, the Trioplex and both tests rely on the polymerase chain response to amplify minute amounts of viral RNA, the institute in San Francisco California found that Trioplex failed to find viral DNA in up to 39% of samples that Singleplex test had indicated contained Zika virus.


Officials told, it performed equally well as ‘Singleplex’ in a relative analysis conducted in a CDC lab, troubled that state labs would abandon Singleplex for what he saw as the mediocre Trioplex Mr. Lanciotti on 21st April sent 30 state labs and telling them that his lab was enduring to use “Singleplex”. One of the leaders of the lab team told the HHS investigators that Robert emails shown the more trouble and confusion than it clarified now.

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