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white rainbow event 2016


White Rainbow Project is an NGO conducting an even named ‘Dreaming in Drapes’, on March 19th 2016 the power of fashion to empower the widows of India Country. White Rainbow Project In association with a few other NGOs from India and Chennai-based clothing store Maalgaadi organizing an even on 19th March 2016. The co-founder of Maalgaadi Shahin Ansari says, We did an event with the NGO in the store last year 2015 to promote awareness of handcrafted clothing and the situation of widows.

This year in the event fashion designer and contest winner, Madison Acri will be showcasing her winning design. Here will be also be 20 paintings that depict the lives of widows, these paintings will be on sale and the proceeds will go towards the widows NGO all the paintings will also be on auction in that 19th March event.

Linda Mandrayar, Founder of White Rainbow started this handcrafting fashion trend, After marrying native South Indian Dharan, Linda and started a life and a family in Southern California in US. How they are promoted their business is every day thousands of people come to visit in the over 4K temples in the town, widows can survive by chanting in the ashrams 4 hr in the morning and 4 hr in the evening.

The donation of sarees from Indian women to the widow who sews a beautiful hand scrap into a one of a kind scarf, we connect abilities, creating worth and connection across cultural boundaries over there. Handmade creations are then sent to us here in the America to sell in retail outlets at hand craft fairs and social justice events alongside our learning initiatives procedure.

In the process of promoting the white rainbow business is Linda and Dharan, became filmmakers in their own right, decided to tell the story of the widows difficulty and encourage change within society with their hailed Hindi film called White Rainbow, the story behind the film is Many of the widows seeking shelter and even waiting to die in hopes that their next life will be better Stripped of the joy of the literal and figurative shade of their lives, like white rainbows believe that they are not unlucky or worthless, but that they should be loved and cherished this is the concept of the movie.


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