Google launches Allo hopes to takeover WhatsApp with smart AI

Allo competes openly against WhatsApp and Facebook’s Messenger app.


Google declared Duo and Allo at its IO happening in May this year, one is a video calling and the other a messaging app to put it simply. While Duo touched Android and iOS users last month, currently the company has launched Allo for both Android and iOS. High on artificial intelligence, the Allo competes openly against WhatsApp and Facebook’s Messenger app.

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At first Allo appears to be just another messaging app, nevertheless, the smart messaging app, as Google calls it, does more than just texting with friends. The first striking feature that someone would notice is the always available Google Assistant. The basic function of the Google Assistant is to direct you through the app’s features. But it does much more than that.

Google associate throws a total of alternatives towards you after a simple “What you can do?”. Google Assistant helps you find flights, hotels, set reminders, alarm and also shows you trending news in various categories. All the info shown by Google Assistant is relayed on the company’s services like News, Weather, Entertainment, Lifestyle etc.

The Google Assistant is the subsequent episode in a journey Google has been on for many years to help people in their daily lives. We are initiating with a preview edition to illustrate you just one way that your Assistant will work for you in chat, said Amit Fulay, group product manager.

Another exciting feature in Google’s Allo is Smart Reply. The Smart Reply studies from your texting forms and shows quick, short replies to send back to your friend when busy.

If your pal sends you a photo of their pet, you might see Smart Reply recommendations like “aww cute!” and if you’re a “haha” or “:D” kind of person, Smart Reply will increase over time and adapt to your style, said Fulay.

The messaging app also has features that are alike to other such apps like WhatsApp. It lets selfies, emojis, and stickers, along with text formatting to some point.

A user can increase or decrease the size of text by simply dragging the send button up or down.

Allo doesn’t have a complete encryption cover, though, the app offers an “Incognito Mode”. Conversations made in incognito mode are encrypted end-to-end.

The app also has features like message expiration and discreet notifications.

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