Tollywood Heroine Rescued from Prostitute home

One more Tollywood Heroine caught in prostitute home, but she was trapped by Ayesha syed, when Goa Police got full information about the prostitution issue, the prostitution is going in 5 star hotel In Goa, they have did ride in that Hotel there Heroine got caught, but in police interrogation the polices officials said, she was trapped by one lady Ayesha syed, Goa police are arrested Ayesha syed and the police has released heroine from Prostitute home.

According the officials so many girls trapped by Ayesha, she is the main accused in the prostitute issue. Like this many heroin got trapped due to some personal reasons by this lady and they got trapped in prostitution due to external forces too. Police official trying very hard to erratic prostitution, but it going viral in society, anyways we will hope police officials will handle the remaining cases and they will rescue the more girls those who trapped in prostitution.

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