How to lose weight faster in 3 months

How to get ride out from over weight Faster

There are many ways to lose your weight here we are providing few most important points to reduce weight and to control you weight, actually major things getting heavy weight in your body is that your daily life style, if you follow proper life style then you can control the weight from overweight.

How to lose weight faster in 3 months

Simple Ways to lose weight

Follow below simple steps to control the heavy weight:

  1. Once you wake up in the morning complete the brush, once you complete the brushing drink at least ½ litter water.
  2. Daily walk at least 20 minutes, not less than 3 to 4 Kilo meter.
  3. Have daily breakfast in time, that should be before 9:30 AM
  4. If you’re working in office don not sit continuously, take a walk at least in an hour.
  5. Don’t forget to have Lunch in time that too before 1:00 PM
  6. In your daily life, avoid the oily food, and sugar, avoid the heavy meat, try to eat maximum vegetable every day.
  7. In the evening session take little light snacks to control hunger till dinner, if you have heavy weight, have chapathi, or idly instead of meal.
  8. Sleep before 10 to 11:00 PM, if you awake for longer time in night that will lead you to increase weight.
  9. If it possible have green tea morning and evening that will reduce you fat, by doing point 9 you can decrees your weight very faster.
  10. To not take heavy food at a time, instead of that in every two hour take very light food like fruits.

Follow this steps to control your weight and reduce the weight, in three months definitely you will see the major change in your body, but follow it every day till 3 months.

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