Help "Desert New City" grow at jointing stage, and Zoomlion's high-end equipment helps build the new capital CBD of Egypt.

The release date:2022-05-09 Author:The station Subordinate to the column:Recent news

Recently, after three years of construction, the CBD project of Egypt's new capital has made progress again, and the main part of PK08 bid section of Central Hotel jointly built by Chinese and Egyptian construction contractors has been capped. At present, most of the main structure construction of the project has been completed, and the interior decoration, electromechanical and municipal operations in the project are being accelerated.

The scene is still full of enthusiasm, with nearly 15,000 employees from China and Egypt shuttling around and the construction machinery running constantly. In this project, the "Little Green Miracle Corps" formed by Zoomlion tower cranes, construction lifts, truck cranes, concrete pumps and other equipment has been involved in the whole process, providing key equipment guarantee for the construction of this "desert new city".

Zoomlion service engineer said: "In order to ensure the efficient and smooth progress of the project, in the early stage of equipment procurement, the construction party put forward high requirements for the stability of tower crane and other equipment operation and the convenience of disassembly and assembly. In view of the working conditions and surrounding environment of the project, we recommended them high-performance tower cranes that are suitable for local climatic conditions such as windy and dusty weather and high temperature, including models such as T7530-16D, T7020-10E, T6513-8F and TC5610A-6A. "

In fact, whether it's the tower crane or other members of the "Little Green Miracle Corps", Zoomlion's overseas engineers have insisted on field investigation since the beginning of the cooperation, actively communicated with the construction party, and went all out to protect the project construction.

Egypt's new administrative capital construction project was signed under the joint witness of the heads of state of China and Egypt, aiming at creating a model of cooperation between China and Egypt under the "the belt and road initiative" initiative. It is by far the largest project of Chinese enterprises in Egypt. The project is located in the east of Cairo, the capital of Egypt, with a construction area of about 600,000 square meters. At the initial stage, a 385-meter-high tallest building in Africa, 12 high-rise commercial office buildings, 5 high-rise apartment buildings and 2 high-end hotels will be built. After completion, Egypt will truly have a world-class central business district, which will drive the development of the Suez Canal Economic Belt and the Red Sea Economic Belt in Egypt.

"Little Green Miracle Corps" spread all over Egypt's new capital "Desert New City" project is just a microcosm of Zoomlion's products shining overseas. From the construction of Jakarta International Stadium in Indonesia to the "Bridge of Dreams" in Bangladesh; From the main exhibition hall of the World Expo in Astana, Kazakhstan, to the international financial center project in Istanbul, Turkey, Zoomlion products have spread all over ASEAN, Central Asia, South Asia, West Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and Africa. Under the initiative of the belt and road initiative, it has helped the landmark buildings or dream cities along the route grow.

Since the "the belt and road initiative" initiative was put forward, Zoomlion has seized the development opportunity, deepened overseas markets with the overseas management strategy of "end-to-end, digitalization and localization", and made continuous breakthroughs. Up to now, Zoomlion products and services have covered more than 130 countries and regions. In the process of integration into "the belt and road initiative", Zoomlion has created a win-win situation with its localized operation, which has been appreciated by overseas circles.

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