KCR offer to RTC Employs fitment hike percentage in AP, TS

RTC fitment news

KCR has given 44% fitment to the all the RTC employs, since 6 days RTC employs are in strike for the fitment for the hike of 43%, when this issue came to the KCR he just solved the problem, he has given 1 percentage more which expected by the RTC employs, RTC employs called off the strike from today onward buses are running as usual.

RTC employs are very happy with KCR decision, with the KCR decision AP govt also increased the fitment for 43%, with effect of this hike, in telangana RTC loss in 1900 crore and AP has to take burden more 800 crore, the given fitment hike will be initiated from June month, with this effect bus charges were slightly hiked in Telangana, but no hike implemented in AP.

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