Kick off 5 Habits to Keep Your Sperm Health Healthy

kick off 5 habits to keep your sperm health healthy

More hours on lappy will leads to low Sperm Health

Are you planning to start a family soon? If you’ve been having trouble in that section, your Sperm Health is one area you may be able to influence. And by dropping some bad habits that you may not even realize are harming your sperm may well be the best place to start.

Showing Your Laptop (And Wi-Fi) Too Much Love

Are you someone who can’t do without the gadgets? If so, chances are you spend inordinately large amounts of time with your laptop perched on your lap as you check email, prepare presentations, or just upload images and posts. Worse yet, unless you’ve been living under a rock, Wi-Fi is probably a big part of your world too. We all hook up to the internet wherever we are through Wi-Fi. The bad news is, this combination of laptop usage with Wi-Fi link-up can actually cause your sperm motility to decline. It also causes the DNA of your sperm to fragment, affecting its viability. Researchers on one study that backs this claim say that the position of the laptop, in such close proximity to your testes, causes damage through a non-thermal effect. The radio frequency electromagnetic waves emitted are to blame. Using a laptop running on Wi-Fi caused radiation emissions thrice as much as when no Wi-Fi was used, and between 7 and 15 times more than when no laptop was present at all.1 So do yourself a favor and always work on your laptop at a table, keeping it as far away from your testes as possible. And difficult as it may seem, avoid the Wi-Fi, at least as long as you’re trying to conceive with your partner.

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