Kidney Stones Treatments/prevention diet

Kidney Stones Treatments/kidney stones prevention diet

Now a days, many people facing problem with Kidney stones. For their sake, we will let you know –  how to overcome from the kidney stone problem and how to regain health issues from kidney stone problem and its kidney stone prevention diet. Generally stones problem starts from age between 18 to 45 years and it may be due to improper diet food or it may come from parent family order called as genus that will continue to all your life dynasty or other most major important reason behind stone problem is due to lack of drinking water and also due to other imbalance problem the stones will form in kidney either left kidney or right kidney.

Kidney Stone Symptoms is recognized by severe heavy pain on backside above the waist (near abdomen) which is towards sides of the body and you will have heavy pains which can’t be bearable. 2 – sometimes you will get blood in urine and then you can confirm that may have problem with Kidney Stones.

kidney stone preventions

Kidney stone precautions:

Follow some below precautions to reduce the stones in kidney and you  can avoid the kidney stones by avoiding Non-Veg food item regularly and frequently in your daily life.

Reduce food which consists of tomatoes, cauliflower, gobi…etc and other foods which are having high in calcium. Avoid such kind foods and have more water in your daily life. Really you can avoid kidney stones by yourself by avoiding some high calcium foods and more liquid foods. If you cant bare the heavy pain in stomach the just go with ketoral tablet which can reduce pain in 10 minutes, but dont have it frequently.

Treatment for kidney stones:

Kidney Stone Treatment will vary depends on the type and size of stones in kidney. If size of the stone is between 8 to 9 mm, then it can reduced by the medicines. If in case, the size of stone increases to 10 mm, patient has to consultant doctor immediately. For the Stones above 10 mm, doctor asked us for some scans later depending upon the report he will do treatment in operation theater. In Operation theater, doctors will break the stone by laser and it will be done by outside. Broken stones will go through urine otherwise it can be done by tube treatment where it will break stones from inside and broken stones from urine and this can be done penis.

For these two kind of treatments, you have to stay in hospital 5 to 8 days and will recover to normal position by after 15 to 20 days. Even after treatment perhaps you may get pain then please use related medicine until complete relief, but don’t use it frequently.

Best way to avoid Kidney stones:

They best way to avoid the kidney stones is do every day exercise and drink more water as much as you can. At least have 4 liter water daily. Kidney Stones problem may come after your treatment, so please do some exercise and reduce your non-veg foods and more calcium (better to have food in moderate)

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