Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad Rest in Peace

Lance Naik Hanumanthappa is remains immortal for the India RIP Hanumanthappa. Hanumanthappa holded his breath as long as he can but finally he leaves us on lost Late Lance Naik Hanumanthappa is from farmer family background in betadur village, Kundagol taluk, Dharwad district, Karnataka and he surveying his wife and two daughters. Recently 6 men’s are joined Army from their near villages and he is one among them. He was interested to join in the Army and came up in the hard way life, finally he reached to the 19 Madras Regiment which is 14 years ago with 3 time rejections in the previous regiments. He is the youngest in the family and got married 4 years ago and had daughter with 2 years old.

JAVAN Hanumanthappa death details

LNK Hanumanthappa died today at 11:45 AM he left us today but he lives in our heart forever, actually few days 12 members were in duty in siachen location Hanumanthappa always so active in eradication of terrorist activities he has very good name in his team, when they are doing the duty suddenly big snow flow accord, after 6 days once decreased snowfall officer searched for the missed javan’s 11 member have found dead, but Hanumanthappa still alive under 25 feet’s nearly there temperature is -50 degrees everybody were shocked how he still alive even after 6 days in -50 degrees. Everybody has prayed a lot for his life but god has not seen all the prays he left has this is very sad to every indian.

Every person has felt so sad about his death, everybody showing so much condolence to his family, all the sports persons and all the film starts and every leaders in india shown so much condolence to his family. PM narendra modi paid tribute to his body we all can say is his soul will be rest in peace. A very big salute to you Javan Hanumanthappa.

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