Less Sit and More Move For Good Health


Sit Less, Move More

Like most of us, will spend much of the day by sitting at desk, in a chair at home, or in the car. Is it not something you’d normally think twice about Sit? But researchers suggests – Sitting too much, especially at the cost of moving around and being dynamic active, can be particularly bad for your health.


If you think sitting down can’t be a bad thing, you’re not alone. Most of us think sitting is fine, especially if you compensate with some power tasks or workouts a few times a week. But sitting for long time and it spells ranks up there with other health risks of the modern inactive lifestyle. Then again, do you really spend that much time sitting? In a word – yes. According to survey report, half of the time you are awake is spent in largely inactive states. Yes you’re sitting, whether it is in front of a computer at work, behind your desk, on the couch in the living room, on the bus, train, or car to work, or while eating, there’s so much you do sitting without even realizing it.


Over the past few years, articles about the dangers of sitting have made frequent appearances in the majority stream media. Some even suggest that sitting could be more harmful than smoking. So what happens to your body when you sit too much, cutting back on “active” pursuits and moving less?

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