Man narrowly escapes getting hurt while taking selfie with Python

Man narrowly escapes getting hurt while clicking selfie with Python See Video

Anyone have you ever thought of clicking a selfie with a python, if yes then give it a second thought, see the video.

Check in this an unusual incident a young man narrowly escaped getting hurt while trying to click a selfie with a python in Rajasthan Mount Abu district in India.


Man narrowly escapes getting hurt while clicking selfie with Python

This incident took place yesterday on 22-09-2016, when the forest department of Mount Abu caught a python from a private hotel in Sirohi, really this video blows your mind. In this incident as soon as the forest department officials got information about the presence of the reptile they reached on the spot and caught it immediately.

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As per the official report, after catching Python, officials were taking the python to the department belonging, from bunch of people one person when he tried to capture the moment along with the monster reptile, but during the attempt the python attacked him, see that video which is provided below.

But, luckily the person was not injured him and escaped unhurt narrowly.

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