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Studies prove that early morning workouts enhance the good quality of your sleep. On the flip side, exercising without proper sleep leads to depression in performance. To hit the gym or yoga class with loads of energy every morning, work backwards on your sleep pattern every night. Sleep early and wake up 30 minutes before yoga or gym class for 2 weeks to set the right rhythm.

Which is Better?

Should you drag yourself out of bed every morning to get to yoga or gym class or stay on bed and get the health benefits from restful sleep? What is better health wise? More sleep or daily exercise? Experts believe that there is a strong relationship between the two.

Sleep deprivation has a strong impact on your overall physical and emotional health, brain function, risk of chronic disease, and immunity. In fact, sleep withdrawal can impact your workout performance as well.

Study Research also proves that early morning workouts can lead to more restful sleep. In one study, people who worked out at 7 a.m. slept longer and had deeper sleep cycles than those who exercised at 1 p.m. or 7 p.m.

Get this Workouts Right?

This leads to the classic dilemma of exercising early but not at the expense of sleep. How do you get this right? The answer lies in settling into the right sleep pattern to ensure you get up early but completely refreshed to engage in physical activity that can accrue benefits of both- exercise and sleep. Here are some tips to get the best sleep every night:

Making sure you fit in time for both good rest and exercise is equally important. Try getting up 30 minutes earlier a couple times a week to work out (and going to sleep earlier too) to slowly ease into the habit. A good indicator if this is working is when you do not snooze your alarm clock and hit the floor running.

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