Pawan Kalya beard secret revealed

Pawan kalyan new Movie details:

From Last couple of months pawan kalyan is with long beard, why he was with long hair beard, this kind of so much confusion is going on in His fans mind. Some of the fans are saying that he is doing KALKI movie which is produced by Dasari and Direction by Muragadoss, on this many poster were out, many of them don’t have idea whether those poster created by fans or released by officials. Now we have come with clear and proper answer to clear all the doubts  Pawan fans.

Pawan Getup secret

Pawan gabbar Singh 2 starting date:

According to officials and very close person to pawan said, he fully concentrating on Gabbar sing 2 only . And he is not doing any others movies now, according to the script of gabbar sing 2 Hero has to be with long haired beard in particular scene, so thats why he is making grow his beard for so long, the movie will start on May 29th nearby Pune. Once shoot over on long beard face, after that he will take shave and he will look with clean face said by his close persons. This is the secret behind the Pawan Kalyan long beard.

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