Rana New Pic from Bahubali

Bahubali Movie Pics:

Here is the news to all the movie lovers, Bahubali Team has released one more pic, Bahubali Team released Rana New Pic, the Pic symbolically say’s that Rana battling in war between Him and others, Pic shows extraordinary efforts. This month May 31st Bahubali Audio will release next Month movie will released, all the planes set by the Bahubali Director Rajamouli. Bahubali Audio Release date is May 31st 2015 and Bahubali Movie Release date is June 15th 2015.

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Bahubali Movie recent pics:

This movie going to release in three languages Telugu, Tamil and Kannada directly Bahubali producers planned to release it. Rana and other Bahubali Team Published out this Pic, Rana Posted this Pic with the Dialogues of

Strength Unmatched

Power Unchallenged

Mind Unread.



Bahubali Movie Pics


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