Samsung galaxy S6 Review and its advantages

Galaxy S6 Review


For all the Technology lovers here I am writing the Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone review, this year 2015 the SAMSUNG company released new series from it company that Galaxy S6, which most awaited mobile and which giving most competition to the  iPhone and HTC mobile, these three mobile companies leading the mobile Technology when compare to other mobile in market.

Samsung has released its Galaxy S6 series to compete with iPhone 6, compare to S3, S4 and S5 this S6 has many advantages which fills many loops from its beloved series, this Samsung galaxy S6 really giving best competition to iPhone 6 in market, now Samsung galaxy S6 is the bestselling mobile in market, if 10 people read review from 10 people minimum 2 people are owning S6 mobile, so we can understands how it became popular in market. Previous Galaxy series has bit disadvantages, this mobile has covered previous series disadvantages that the reason it high selling’s in market.

 Galaxy S6 Design

S6Once smartphones are out we often face problem with Battery backup, since two years technology got improved the battery backup for longer time, this mobile battery backup is quit fine camper to other mobiles in market. Its optimized means a lot, in same way other companies also following so race already begin between companies for battery backup, in smart mobile Battery backup place major role.

 Samsung galaxy S6 Battery backup

samsung-note-edgeWhen coming to galaxy S6 this could all come at the expense of battery after all company, more pixels take more power it has more pixel even it takes more battery power it gives good time when using the mobile, and the smaller package means there’s less space for a battery (2550mAh pack is smaller than the 2800mAh seen in the Galaxy S5, which is a bit of a worry) when you compare with S5 this S6 has less battery power.

Over all this very good product from the SAMSUNG, you can buy it for fun, it is very useful in daily life because it has good features.

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