7 Amazing Eye Masks to Get Rid of Tired Eyes and Dark Circles

7 Amazing Eye Masks to Get Rid of Tired Eyes and Dark Circles

Now a day, technology seems to have overcome man. Every task we execute is technology based. In the procedure of making our life style simpler and less problematical, we have made ourselves vulnerable to many health problems without even realizing it. One of them is reparation to the eyes. Constant contact to computer screens, television and mobile phones contributes to blurred eye vision, eye fatigue and various other problems.  Other reasons of eye damage comprise heavy smoking and drining. What many are unaware of is that alcohol weakens the eye muscles and can cause permanent blurred vision. Smoking, on the other hand, can lead to dry eye syndrome and cataract.


Some beauty related eye troubles consist of dark circles, puffiness and swelling around the eyes which might be generally seen even in college students. Dark circles are tough to do away with and they have a tendency to make one look tired, harassed, and antique. It may be resulting from sun publicity, strain, growing old, lack of sleep, hypersensitive reactions or even genetics. Darkish circles and under eye luggage can clearly abate your confidence. besides taking adequate rest and care of your eyes, it’s also important to exercising on an each day basis because it aids in increasing the oxygen delivery to the optic nerves and reduces the pressure on the eyes.


Right here are numerous herbal domestic remedies that can assist deliver your eyes some relief –


1. Coconut Eye Mask

Coconut oil is the handiest and useful in terms of casting off dark circles or heavy baggage across the eyes. Gently rub down a few drops of it beneath the eyes to put off darkish circles. You could do this every day which will acquire faster outcomes.



2. Almond Eye Mask

Almond oil acts like a hydrator for the skin. it helps to fade away darkish circles and minimize the appearance of crow-feet wrinkles. An aggregate of almond oil in conjunction with honey applied every night can save you darkish circles and eye bags.



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3. Rose Water Eye Masks

This first-rate works for worn-out eyes. A cotton pad soaking wet in pure rose water when positioned upon the eyes for a length of 15 mins induces a relaxing effect and relaxes the eyes. it can additionally reduce eye puffiness.




4. Milk And Baking Soda Eye Mask

Milk can show to be a boon for exhausted eyes. On the way to prepare it, mixture four tablespoons of clean whole milk and a couple of tablespoons of baking soda. Combo nicely to attain an easy aggregate of cream consistency. area it within the fridge and apply the chilled mask around your eyes. Allow it live for 20-25 mins and wash it off with bloodless water. Your eyes will sense revived and wholesome very quickly.



5. Tea Bags As Eye Mask

Tea luggage which includes green tea, black tea and diverse different natural teas are a tremendous treatment for dark and heavy eyes. Placed some used tea baggage inside the fridge for five to ten mins. Then damp the tea baggage in your eyes for 10-15 minutes. That is one of the pleasant domestic remedies to dispose of the swelling and darkness around your eyes.


6. Cucumber Eye Mask

It’s far the maximum generally used soothing eye masks. cucumber is well-known for its soothing and enjoyable impact. common application of this mask will make your eyes appearance absolutely re-energized and fresh. Grate the cucumber and let it kick back within the refrigerator for 1/2 an hour, then unfold it calmly around your eyes. After 30 minutes wash it off with bloodless water.



7. Pineapple Mask

Every other powerful home remedy for eye baggage and dark circles can be prepared by the usage of herbal skin care components like turmeric powder and pineapple juice. Blend those substances and practice the masks for 30 minutes beneath your eyes every day for 2 weeks. It is an easy mask however with most beneficial effects.



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