Top 10 boxing Tips for all boxers

Top 10 boxing Tips for all boxers

boxing Tips for all boxers

The Boxing Tips section contains several things that you can apply when you go into the ring the next time, or short reminders for old boxing tips that you forgot. (Boxing tips)

Boxing Council # 1 – Lower Thighs

Knowing how to use your body weight will help you deal harder strikes or even defend yourself from harder strikes. All that is required is a little technique that will help you tighten up when you need more balance and strength.

This simple tip will improve your attack and defense capabilities.


No doubt, you need to lower your hips if you want to deal more powerful blows. Lowering your hips will give you emphasis, providing you more balance and strength. And, conversely, lifting your hips will make you easier and lower your balance and strength. Raising your thighs when striking will make your impact less powerful, and also leaves you vulnerable to being pushed out of balance.

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