Top 10 Hollywood’s top grossing Stars

Top 10 Hollywood’s top grossing Stars

It’s no secret that in the epoch of superheroes, remakes, reloads and franchises, the commercial prospects of the film dictate the weight of the brand – and not the name of the star being shot in it. But today, on Will Smith’s birthday, it’s time to remember that in Hollywood there are still actors who are a pretty reliable guarantee of success by themselves (that is, regardless of whether they belong to the “Avengers”). Congratulating the universally recognized king of the box office on his 47th birthday, ELLE finds out if he has any real competitors.


Average fees in North America: $ 52 million

The most grossing film in the world: “Gangster” (266.5 million)

Against the backdrop of numbers that other top 10 stars can boast, both of the above are not particularly impressive. But, firstly, there is one more: 170 million – the average fees of the last six films with the participation of Washington. And, secondly, these movies – whether they are at least an action movie, and even a drama – go exactly and just for the sake of Denzel, vtoroplanovyh roles long not playing.

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