Top 10 Home interior design for 2017

Top 10 Home interior design for 2017

Top 10 Home interior design for 2017

It is in the late winter early spring, many enthusiastically take up the transformation of the interior to give yourself and your family a sense of joyous anticipation of spring and tune in to positive changes. Before starting repair or buy new furniture and accessories, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a selection of the ten best interior design projects for the 2017 version of Dan Howarth, Dezeen editor. In this collection, not only apartments but also a café, shops and a hospital. Maybe something in these interiors inspire you or allow another look at the familiar interior. In the next article we will discuss ten trends in interior design that will be most relevant in 2017.

  1. Theater apartment in London.

Theater apartment in London.

APA Architectural bureau to turn the former warehouse in London in an apartment for a couple of theater and film directors. The apartment is solved practical and functional. Underlined linearity, low-key color and a minimum of decoration.

The original decision, by which designers inspired by the original fire doors located in the building, was the decoration of the space in an almost black cube of steel. In this space are located the book and film archives, a bathroom and a small laundry room.

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