Top 10 low impact cardio workouts exercise

Top 10 low impact cardio workouts exercise

Top 10 low impact cardio workouts exercise

FitnessBlender is a whole catalog of versatile free exercises that will help you get rid of excess weight and bring yourself into an ideal shape. The creators of the project Kelly and Daniel have already developed more than 500 video classes and regularly release new programs for weight loss.

The training description shows the number of calories burned and the complexity of the video (on a five-point scale): this information was taken from the official FitnessBlender website. In our selection of videos included complexity of 2 and 3.  For classes in general, no additional equipment is required, only in two videos it is desirable to have dumbbells (can be replaced with bottles of water).

If you are just starting your fitness path, do low-impact cardio training from Fitness Blender 4-5 times a week for 20-30 minutes. In the future, you can increase the duration of classes to 45 minutes. Short 10-minute video can be performed in 2-3 circles, and can be combined with longer programs.

Almost all the programs presented include exercises for muscle tonus, so it is not even necessary to add separate strength training to your fitness course. Presented below video cannot be attributed to pure cardio, it is more interval functional exercises for the whole body. Choose several videos based on your own preferences and start practicing today!

In some of the presented videos there is no warm-up and hitching, so perform them yourself before and after classes:

Low-impact cardio workouts from FitnessBlender for 30 minutes

All presented low-impact workouts last about 30 minutes. Videos with a shorter duration do not include warm-up and hitching, so the lessons will last 8-10 minutes longer.

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