Top 10 Yoga poses for relaxing back pain

Top 10 Yoga poses for relaxing back pain

Top 10 Yoga poses for relaxing back pain

Pain in the lower back or lower parts of the spine is one of the most frequent patient appeals to doctors. With problems in the back, at least once in life, everyone is facing. Anatomically, the loin consists of a bone base represented by the spine, a ligamentous apparatus and muscles. The presence of intervertebral cartilaginous discs provides a kind of cushion between the two vertebrae.

 Ligaments are responsible for the stability and stability of the intervertebral joints, as well as the flexibility of the spine. Muscular tissues, which in the lumbar region abound, provide motor activity.

  1. Extension and lengthening of the back

Extension and lengthening of the back

You should sit in the most comfortable and comfortable position. Place the rug on the floor and sit with your legs crossed like in a Lotus pose (alternatively you can sit, for example, on a bed). It is necessary to straighten your back and relax your shoulders. It is advisable to perform this pose in a good mood and smiling. You can also perform this posture in a standing position, while maintaining a parallel position of the legs. During slow inspiration, start slowly lifting your arms anteriorly and cross your fingers, gently touching your thumbs.

Then also slowly raise your arms cross-over over your head. Try to stretch as far as possible without tension of the muscle. Make sure that the elbows are fully straightened and that the biceps touch the ears. In this position, you need to hold on for 20 seconds (optimal for 3-4 long deep breaths). In addition to this, in order to feel the maximum elongation, it is possible to deeply draw the stomach towards the spine.

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