Training facilities (gym) and why they are needed in Pokemon Go Game

What is the training halls and what they do

Training facilities (gym) and why they are needed in Pokemon Go Game

Once a player reaches level five in the Pokemon Go game, will open a new opportunity for him. It is about fighting in PokeGym (training hall). In training halls can be made pumping the captured Pokemon. When first entering the gym the player will have to choose one of three possible teams. Teams are determined by color. You can choose any team blue, or red, or yellow. The player, who won all in the gym, it is headed. After the victory, the color of the room is identical to the color of the winning team.

Why capture gyms?

For possession of a training hall give reward coaches who protect the room. Reward fixed – 10 500 pokemonet and dust. It is issued every 21 hours. Get a can in the store window. Every gym that you own a fixed award adds to the total.

At the same time counter the common, that is, if you have stayed at least one gym, while continues to decrease.

A small trick: Before you pick up the award, grab as many rooms as you can, and only then take your reward. You can specifically wait for the night and go for the nearest training facilities.

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