United State Ferrera Chops Her Locks For Hillary Clinton

United State: America Ferrera has been extremely vocal about her political principles throughout this election in US she is written a letter denouncing Donald Trump the presidential candidate, and he partnered with friend Amber Tamblyn to parody Trump on Lip Sync Battle spoke of her support for Clinton at the DNC and even designed a Tshirt with stylish Rebecca Minkoff to inspire women to vote as per the report.


Here on Friday the actress made yet another unique declaration with a fresh new cut and color and the actress posted a gorgeous snapshot of her newly sliced tresses and added. Electing new president calls for a new hairstyle and big Change thrive.


Possibly her hashtags were the most close-fitting part of the post and as she tagged the post with #registertovote, #imwithhair, #imwithher in reference to her support of Clinton and cut is a enormous change for the actress. Just days ago she sent a shot of a much fuller mane from her arrival on Lip Sync Battle, making a political statement out of a haircut, we are so here for that, as per the report.

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