US President Obama UN warns Americans against walls nationalism

US President Obama at UN warns Americans against walls and nationalism

UNITED NATIONS: Barack Obama took to the important international stage Tuesday to transport a stark warning to American voters of the dire global significances they face should they embrace separateness and extreme devotion in November month, never mentioning republican presidential nominee Donald Trump by name.


US President final address to the United Nations General Assembly was at heart an impassioned rebuke of the GOP candidates policies on trade and immigration, multiculturalism and a defense of liberalism and tolerance said 49 days before votes are cast in US, he tinted a dark picture of the future awaiting Americans and the world if the forces of aggressive nationalism (or) rudimentary populism win out. He exactly protested against building a wall a focus of Trump proposal on border security on United Nation.

Nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself president Obama declared to the gathered representatives of the United Nation member in the meet. There obama idealistic appeals to bring about a world free of nuclear weapons and an agenda focused on peacetime. Here the hope and change of his argument as a presidential person himself was also substituted by exhortations against a future filled with confusion.

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Again human beings have believed them lastly inwards at a period of clarification only to repeat cycles of conflict and suffering, the perhaps that is our fate, president Obama suggested in the meeting, in a world that left the age of empire behind and we see Russia attempting to recover lost glory through force said by Obama. In case Russia continues to interfere in the affairs of its nationals it may be popular at home. And he said, it may fuel nationalist fervor for a time, over time.

Many of his strictest warnings were aimed at global government performs that harm democracy and liberalism and called for the rejection of strongmen dictatorial and tribalism, there appears to be growing contest between repression and liberalism right now president told the assembled leaders, and I want everybody to understand i am not neutral in that contest.

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