Watch NASA Cuts off Live Feed from ISS as UFO Enters Earth’s Atmosphere

NASA Cuts off Live Feed from International Space Station as UFO Enters Earth’s Atmosphere

A Trending video of the NASA (International Space Station’s) live feed which just cut down as a UFO entered in the Earth’s atmosphere on few days back on July 9th . With this sudden cut-off has raised an alarm among UFO chasers.

General assumption from the internet is trolling, whether this was an alien UFO a large piece of space debris or asteroid, but NASA must be covering something up about this.

NASA has since responded to let the world know that, “sigh” they didn’t spot a UFO and cut their forage, in fact, there is is no one even wanted to manually controlling their feed to cut video live.

Video of the UFO was first uploaded by UFO hunter, Streetcap 1 on Youtube, on the same day, the object was seen on ISS’s live feed, now is trending in internet.

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